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Winning gives you a temporary testosterone boost. Losing is the opposite.

Coach Tony
Coach Tony
#1. Temporary testosterone changes.
The research on this covers a lot of cases. It’s true when you are playing a game. But most interesting to me is that it’s also true when you are merely a fan watching a game.
I watched the Warriors lose last night. That’s my team, so I had to go through the experience of a temporary testosterone drop. I’m fine now though, thank you.
Is this justification for becoming a fair-weather fan and latching on to the top teams? Is it worth scheduling your weight lifting to happen right after one of your teams wins? I doubt it. 
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#2. Make a mid-year resolution.
My relatively well-informed theory about why New Year’s resolutions fail is that often our lives change, and the resolution stops being as important. Do you stick with it anyway? Most people don’t. 
So this mid-year resolution guide by June Thomas is timely. It starts by revisiting your resolution and then jumping off into a new goal that is appropriate for the next six months.
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#3. Some science to support Pomodoro 1K.
I’m still a fan, although not a perfect practitioner, of working in 25-minute blocks and then lifting weights in between. I shoot for 1K pounds lifted in each break, thus the name Pomodoro 1K.
Well, I saw this tweet from Andrew Huberman at Stanford about optimal learning patterns:
1) requires focus during learning 
2) actual rewiring occurs in sleep 
3) is accelerated by increasing adrenaline immediately POST learning
Note the last one, adrenaline. Heavy lifting can trigger an adrenaline rush. So maybe that’s an adjustment to the Pomodoro 1K routine — warm up, but then work in the occasional one rep max.
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