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It's productive to know when you aren't centered.

Coach Tony
Coach Tony
#1. A mindfulness goal to identify when you aren’t centered.
A lot of people have adopted meditation as a practice for mental strength and high performance. For example, here is recent NBA champion Draymond Green talking about how meditation helps him notice when he is not centered
First of all, this is a very simple goal you can shoot for in your own mindfulness practice. Many people struggle to understand how to bridge from the practice of meditation to the everyday tasks of life. This is one. First, meditate with the goal of feeling centered. Then, when you are confident you know what that feels like, ask yourself at different points of the day: does right now feel like when I’m meditating? Usually, it doesn’t. Sometimes you will notice that you are far, far away from centered. Now that you know that, you have a chance to take a deep breath and adjust.
Then second, meditating for performance is how I teach it. Mindfulness can make you a more productive and impactful person. That’s a completely valid reason to want to be a meditator.
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#2. Another example of networked note-taking.
I’m just a beginner, but I found a second example of how to use the backlink feature in Obsidian. Backlinks are, to my mind, the defining feature of this most recent wave of note-taking tools: Obsidian, Mem, Roam.
The idea is that when you look at a note, you also see a snippet of every other note that links to it. So what you end up with is bidirectional linking.
My first useful adoption of this feature was to mark in my interstitial journal any paragraph that might be an idea for the newsletter. Then, when I go to my note for newsletter ideas, I see all the ideas that happened to come up in my other journal entries.
So I added one more similar tactic, entries for people. I’m always forgetting people’s details, partners’ names, pets’ names, etc. So I started making entries for each person I meet with. Then when I’m talking about them in my journal, I make sure to backlink to their person page. 
For example, here is an entry in my journal from Saturday that demonstrates a lot of backlinking.
Saturday: We are headed to Princeton to see [[Linda]] and [[Josh ]] then having dinner with [[Andrew]] and Maggie.
11:15am. I just spent a bit doing backlinking for people [[Newsletter ideas]]. So the idea is that people get a summary page that backlinks to a [[people]] page. Then I do a chronological update to that page each time I see them. Or better, I keep notes in my interstitial journal and backlink them.
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#3. The story of how the sugar lobby got us to eat so much sugar.
I always worry that I’ll accidentally tip some of you over to be anti-vaxxers or flat-earthers if I tell you to think for yourself or be on the lookout for mainstream fallacies. And yet, there are a lot of mainstream fallacies.
This story is a great history of how the sugar lobby used newspaper placements to tout the benefits of sugar, for example, to keep your energy up. Here’s an example headline, “It’s very easy to catch a cold when your energy is low.”
This sort of stuff still goes on today, and I’ve been part of it. When I want a press story, then I reach out to journalists and lobby for my view and my name in the article. 
Journalists do their best and are by and large very informative and responsible. But also… sometimes they’ve been manipulated. 
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