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If you are expecting a reward and don't get it, dopamine falls steeply.

Coach Tony
Coach Tony
When you stop expecting people to be perfect, you can like them for who they are. ~ Donald Miller
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#1. Dopamine and expectations.
However, if you’re expecting a reward and you don’t get it, dopamine levels fall steeply. This feeling is not a pleasant one, it feels a lot like pain. Expecting a pay rise and not getting one can create a funk that lasts for days. However, low levels of unmet expectations are something we all experience constantly: expect the lights to change and find they take a long time and your dopamine levels fall, leaving you feeling frustrated. Expect the service at the bank to be fast but find a long queue, more frustration. Not only does dopamine go down in these instances, you also get a mild threat response, reducing prefrontal functioning for deliberate tasks.
His solution:
The best way to manage your expectations (without any side effects) is to start to pay attention to them. Managing your expectations is also an opportunity to be more proactive in the way you regulate emotions, setting the scene for good performance rather than just sorting out problems when things go wrong.
In other words, file this as yet another reason to work on mindfulness and emotions.
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#2. Dealing with information overload.
Mostly I was just moved by the title, Selective Ignoring is a Vital Skill to Master in a Hyper-Connected World by Thomas Oppong. Thumbs up to that.
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#3. You don’t have to be retirement age to get AARP discounts.
I mentioned this in a very early newsletter: you can be any age to sign up for AARP. Now I’ve tested it. I have a card, even though I’m only 44. Then I got a discount at a hotel with it. 
I did some research, and it’s true that places that offer discounts can impose some age limitations. But in practice, they don’t. So, this is currently a money-saving loophole. 
I’m generally of the Ramit Sethi mindset that your focus should be on the big levers for making money and then on spending it in a way that makes your life better. Nobody ever got rich saving money on coffees. But still, sometimes it’s fun to save a few dollars.
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Coach Tony
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