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Advice for people who feel overwhelmed by "all the bad in the world."

Coach Tony
Coach Tony
Smart informed people know there’s plenty of bad. Social tension (to say the least), climate, crashing economies, war in Europe, COVID, long COVID, etc., etc. So what do you do with that feeling?
I most often channel it into action and remind myself of a social justice organizer who said, “Pick one lane and fill it.”
That keeps me focused on productive reactions. But productivity is its own form of avoidance. So…
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#1. Your heart can walk and chew gum at the same time.
Buster Benson’s Annual Review wrestled with this problem of feeling the woes of the world and in a very Buster fashion, he’s created his own word. His whole review is worthwhile (especially since so much of my own advice originated from his ideas). But this blurb is especially important:
A blagenflorble heart isn’t concerned with repairing itself after every heartbreak. That is an ultimately futile task. Instead, a blagenflorble heart is about expanding the awareness of our hearts to allow ourselves to be both whole and broken at the same time. It’s about shifting from a mindset of feeling only one emotion at a time (and laboring to repair it each time it is hurt), to allowing all of the emotions to co-exist simultaneously, and being able to zoom in on each of them without negating the others.
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#2. A pitch for reading more.
What’s the one habit you can build from the comfort of your bed that costs little, never gets boring, and makes you wealthier, smarter, happier and a better person?
It is reading books.
It’s the “never gets boring” part that resonated with me. Of course, I already know reading is good for me. It helps to be reminded that it’s also fun.
Then Scott’s pitch turns to overcoming obstacles. It turns out he’s already written articles about the most common ones:
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#3. Fresh advice for writers.
My newsletter coach, Justin Cox, was featured in Medium’s official Creator Blog with his favorite recent stories on writing. These weren’t the same tired topics you’ve read a million times. His list felt fresh to me and I think they’ll feel fresh to you.
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Coach Tony
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