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A very practical approach to falsification mindsets so that you can be right more often.

Coach Tony
Coach Tony
Confronting information that directly challenges existing beliefs can be psychologically threatening to people, especially if the information challenges their sense of identity. ~ Rachel Hilary Brown
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#1. Analysis of Competing Hypotheses.
Lance W. suggested the ACH in reaction to falsification mindsets:
Analysis of competing hypotheses¹ (ACH) is a process whereby you identify a set of hypotheses, systematically evaluate data that is consistent and inconsistent with each hypothesis, and reject the hypotheses that contain too much inconsistent data.
You literally make a chart with theories on one axis and evidence on the other. Then for each theory/evidence pair mark either consistent or inconsistent. More on this topic here.
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#2. The ACH in practice.
More from Lance, specifically in reaction to whether or not to believe news stories that are almost always influenced by insiders.
I use the Analysis of Competing Hypotheses (ACH) and work to never fall in love with my analysis or opinions. I reserve the right to change my mind given new and/or better information. 
Basically, ACH is an advanced CIA Intelligence Officer approach to the Falsification Mindset. 
But, I wonder if for most of this influencer-based garbage we are assailed with if there is not a better middle path of “No opinion, no comment, and not one second more of my attention.” 
I guess the question to ask oneself is, “Why should I have an opinion on this? Oh, the mental gymnastics we put ourselves through to navigate in this age of exploding information, good, bad and indifferent. I prefer the good, and the indifferent to the bad.
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#3. Unrelated: this is my favorite inexpensive bidet.
We’ve bought four different types of bidets, all self-installed on an existing toilet. We like the idea of hot water, but in practice never use it. However, the standard cold-water versions are a must-have in our lives. Very civilized. 
This Brondell is my favorite, only $28. If you are worried about self-install, here is the trick. Before you purchase it, see if you can turn the water off to your toilet. There is usually a knob behind it, but sometimes the knob is rusted in place. If you can shut it off, then the installation will be dry and easy. If you can’t, then it will be very wet and your partner will often remind you of the mess you made.

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Coach Tony
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